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Our AWT IMR 18650 (3500MAH) 35A 3.7V Flat-top battery is 100% authentic and will deliver its powerful capacity of 3500 mAh! The flat-top design is perfect for your devices safety needs. This Aweite battery is a high drain rechargeable battery devised to provide a long life-cycle. The battery is sold separately as an individual unit.

1.18650 35A 3500mAh Rainbow colour with new label battery
2.Min Capacity: 3400mAh
3.Typical Capacity: 3500mAh
4.Weight: 54g.

Title Specifications of li-ion rechargeable battery
Rated Capacity 3500mAh (0.5CA   Discharge)
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Internal Resistance ≤100mΩ  (with PTC)
Cut-off  Discharge Voltage 2.75V
Charge Upper Limit Voltage 4.20±0.05V
Charging Time(Std) 4.0hours
Standard Charging Circuit 0.2C A
Charging Circuit 0.5C A
Standard Discharging Circuit 0.2C A
Fast Discharging Current 0.5C A
Max Discharging Current 2C A
Weight about 54g
Height 65mm
Operational Temperature charge (0 ~ 45°C)
discharge  (-20 ~ 60°C)
Storage Temperature within 1 month  (-20~ 50°C)
within 3 months  (-20~ 40°C)
within 3 months (-20~ 20°C)

1. Fully charge before initial use
2. Always charge the battery in/on a fireproof surface
3. Never leave charging batteries unattended.
4. To avoid short circuits, keep this battery away from metal objects (e.g. coins, keys, jewellery)
5. Keep the battery in its case or any other insulated material
6. To avoid shortening your battery’s life, do not overcharge it doing so may result in the battery popping or leaking
7. Do not use the battery is there are signs of previous usage
8. Do not dispose of battery with the use of fire
9. Stacking more than one battery at a time may result in an explosion.
10. Never short the battery. Connect the positive and negative sizes.
11. Use special caution when working with Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable cells.

1). Do not disassemble, dispose of in fire, heat or short circuit
2). Do not insert batteries with the (+) and (-) reversed.
3). Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries.
4). Do not submerge the battery in water.


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