Coiled Alien Clapton by JR


ALIEN CLAPTON ni80 features:

  • Handcrafted coils
  • Packaged in sets of two in the signature Coiled by JR vials
  • All coils are thoroughly cleaned via ultrasonic cleaner before being packaged.
  • All coils are inspected to ensure the best quality possible
  • All Coils come thermally active (heat treated)
  • Made using only high quality Nichrome 90 imported from the USA
  • PLEASE be aware of Ohms Law and battery safety precaution before using these builds



*Please note that coil resistance can vary up to (+)or(-) .05 ohms depending on the length the leads are cut during install. Also atomizers/devices can have varying resistance readings in about this same range*


WARNING: When pulsing these coils start at around 10-20 watts and work your way up as they will take damage and melt due to the nature of the wire and the number of wraps


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